Clean Slate Laser Client Reviews

Clean Slate Laser performs thousands of tattoo removal procedures every year. Our clients regularly review us on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Instagram and other online communities, raving about our friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean facilities, professional customer service and amazing results.


Marry is awesome! Best laser tec I ever had. Deff goin back for more treatments

Michael Paterek

Mary was excellent! Excellent service..clean, professional, well-priced!

Kathleen Beaton

There are a lot of options when it comes to tattoo removal, but your search should stop here with Mary.  Her shop is extremely clean and inviting, no matter which one you visit.  Mary is a professional and can answer any question that you have.  I had a 10 year old tattoo that I was interested in having covered up and within a few minutes of our first meeting she assured me it could be done.  She was able to get the job handled in 2 sessions and about a year later, I've got my old ink fully covered up successfully.  I was apprehensive about starting the process but it couldn't have worked out better, thanks to her.

Dan M.

I was very pleasantly surprised with my experience at clean slate. I didn't know what to expect since it was inside a tattoo studio, but the guys that helped me out were nice, answered all my questions, and gave me a clear price for what I wanted done. They did not try to sell me a package of multiple treatments which I appreciated. The whole experience took about 20 minutes, and was kind of pleasant in a weird way.

I've only done the one treatment but so far I see a difference, and will be returning for the follow ups.

Would recommend.

Stephanie K.

Very friendly staff

Jason Coulter

I was there on 11/30/16 and honestly this place is the best experience! It was super quick, i will be seeing them again in February

Derek Ramnarine

I used Clean Slate a few years ago and from that first appointment I was impressed. When I went recently for another appointment, I was more impressed than last time. Mary remembered me right away and made me feel super comfortable. She is very friendly, professional, knowledgeable, caring, and listened to all of my concerns. Her office is super clean and the staff, especially Tyler is very accommodating and friendly. Also, the prices are affordable compared to other laser removal places that are not as caring about their clients. I was also very satisfied with the initial results and continue to look forward to additional sessions. I recommend Clean Slate to other people I know who are looking for removal as well.

Kat B.

AMAZING!!!! absolutely amazing

Licethy Jubrey

I would highly recommend Clean Slate Laser to anyone looking to remove unwanted tattoos.. I was very satisfied..

Emily Rodriguez

Mary was a amazing. She didn't give the run around or pressure me into coming more often than I wanted for treatment - the process has been a painful pleasure !

Morgan Fuster

A great no pressure, and relaxed way to deal with all your Lazer needs 🙂 two arms up ?

Tom Mat

Pleasant and knowledgeable staff. Painless experience. I would definitely recommend Clean Slate for anyone looking to have a tattoo removed.

Damon Thompson

I love this place been coming here for two years removing numerous tattoos with awesome results, already had 2 cover ups :). i wouldn't even think of going anywhere else. if you need one of your tattoos removed this is the place!


Amazing Staff ! They were very professional and very confident in explains the procedure it was quick and effective I never felt like they were trying to rip me off . I saw results immediately 10 mins after I left the facility . I will definitely will be returning to remove other unwanted tattoos . I highly recommend this place it was the 4 place I went to after consulting in three other places hand Two thumbs up


Love this place! I previously went to high end place in the city and they burnt and scarred my skin! Mary is the best! She will schedule your appointments with enough healing time in between so your skin won't scar!

Alena Saysithideth

Wonderful service, excellent staff and great pricing. The work was done quickly and efficiently and with amazing results. I couldn't ask for a better experience!

Helen Woznack

Wouldn't go anywhere else- Mary is always fun and a pleasure to visit, she's super honest in her practices, and results have been great so far.

Stephanie B

Mary is the best. The place is cool, relaxed and non judgmental. If your a tool, don't go there. The place is to laid back and everyone is too nice for nasty customers.

Frank Private

Have been to Clean Slate Laser on numerous occasions and each has been better then the last. 3 treatments and my unsightly tat was gone for good. Kudos to Mary and her staff, amazing work.

Ray Rauso

Highly recommend this place. I live in philly and drove all the way to New York to have laser treatment on my hand tattoo. The lady was very patient with me. She kept giving me ice and was willing to stop and start when I was ready.

Jocelyn Fuller

Mary was awesome and friendly. ..the procedure was alil painful but quick....Mary made the process really easy and fun for me. ...HIGHLY RECOMMEND MARY??

Monica Salgado

I am extremely happy with the service and the progress of my tattoo removal by Clean Slate. I started treatment with another company, but was not happy with the results or money spent, so I began looking online. I was referred to Clean Slate by a friend, and I am so glad that I was. I went to the White Plains location. The consultation was free, and I immediately began treatment that day. Mary (owner/operator) is professional, honest, and a great person. It's frustrating to try and find a business that won't take advantage of you, but this is one of the few businesses that has been an absolute pleasure to do business with, and have excellent treatment from. The treatment room is always perfectly clean and comfortable. Mary and staff are always courteous and professional.

If you're looking for tattoo removal, this is the place for you. Highly recommended!!


Honestly I never write reviews but I recommend Clean Slate as the only place to go if you want laser removal done right. I couldn't believe how well it worked and that a tattoo I had for 10 years was nothing but faded lines in only 3 sessions. All new breaking edge technology, very clean facility, uses a cold air gun in conjunction with the laser to reduce the pain, great work couldn't ask for more. Plus she has plenty tattoos of her own so it's a more relatable experience.

Matthew Corriveau

Currrently in the process of getting my tattoos removed. Clean Slate offers great service every time I go for my sessions. Quick & easy to setup my appointments. Clean environment. They take care of you during the process & after. I'm real glad I chose Clean Slate for my tattoo removal. Awesome part is that I see results of my tattoos fading after every treatment . Highly recommend for anybody looking to remove any unwanted tattoos

M Cruz

Very clean, professional and elegant establishment. Went for laser tattoo removal and I must say it was minimal pain and the process was super fast. Mary is by far the best at what she does.

Princetta Cotto

Mary is the best! I have been going here for almost a year and love it. She's very skilled at tattoo removal and concerned about proper healing.

Elizabeth Ann Girolamo

Mary offers an amazing service and her prices are just right. I mentioned to her that I have really sensitive skin and so I see her every 3-6 months to avoid any skin problems in the future. She is awesome ! Highly recommended 🙂

Stephanie Barajas

I've only had one session at clean slate laser but definitely worth the travel and money. Mary is knowledgable of the tattoo removal experience and process, she's honest, and she's fair, which is rare these days. I plan to schedule my next appointment for another removal session. Also, about 90 percent of the shading is gone with one removal of a tattoo I had recently done and was not satisfied with. I would definitely recommend.

Natalie Young

I highly recommend Clean Slate Laser - White Plains, NY location. I drive from Brooklyn to White Plains to get to this location and I would drive an additional hour just because my overall experience was top-notch. I was so nervous to get my tats lasered and when I came into her offices I was truly impressed on how professional and clean the place was. They were patient and very accommodating with me even when I showed up to my appointment late :/ . The vibe alone would make you want to come back. I am definitely coming back for my next session(s) and I highly recommend Clean Slate Laser.

Cherie Stewart

Though the treatment isn't exactly "pleasurable" Mary and her staff make the over all experience a joy. They are all upbeat and funny. Very professional and exceptional at what they do and thorough with all after care explanations. I am extremely happy with the results and recommend them to anyone looking to remove tattoos

Tim van der Have

I have many tattoos but my very first I always hated. Year's later I finally decided to take care of it but in order to even do a cover-up tattoo my artist needed me to lighten the tattoo with laser. He recommended Clean Slate. They are awesome I was nervous and they took the time to explain everything and put me at ease. The laser I cannot lie does hurt but only while it is being done no after pain. The place is clean and they have the top equipment. I highly recommend them.

ANGEL Washburn

Awesome lady. I'm bad at keeping appointments and do everything last minute but Mary always accommodates me in those last moment appointments. She is good at what she does. And a super nice person. Love her!

Sally Duvall

Mary has always been the nicest person to interact with, and that hasn't changed now that she has a bigger office and more staff. She's friendly with everyone who walks in the door, strikes up conversations about tattoos, shows off her ink(and her laser treatments too!) her staff is extremely cordial and welcoming, and will adjust to whatever schedule you have. The machines she uses are BRAND NEW, and do a wonderful job. I barely felt anything the day after it was done. She uses cold compresses and a cold air machine to make the pain as manageable as possible. She's also extremely cute! I've had nothing but great experiences here, considering its a tattoo REMOVAL office. I have no reason not to come here. Highly recommended!

Harry Meade

Clean Slate is AWESOME! First off, making an appointment is super simple because Tyler responds right away and makes the whole process as easy as possible. The office is clean and it's a like you are going to a friends house more than for an appointment. They make you feel so comfortable. Mary is GREAT. She is down to earth, easy to talk to and doesn't bullshit you by any means. She cares about the work she is doing and it shows. My husband just had his 3rd session, he has had NO negative side effects and I feel like that's all because of Mary's process for tattoo removal. She doesn't rush the process and she also doesn't give false hope. My husband even got a discount on each session because he is having this tattoo removed so that he can enlist in the Army. I just want to thank everyone at Clean Slate for making this experience go so smoothly. If you need a tattoo removed check them out, they are the best at their craft. I have already referred a friend here and she was also extremely happy with them. Other places rush the process or tell you whatever you want to hear so that you can open your wallet. I have heard horror stories of people having tattoos removed and that's why I was apprehensive with the process but again, Clean Slate has done flawless work and restored my faith in the process so much that I am now considering having a tattoo removed. They are afforadable and honest, if you go elsewhere - GOOD LUCK

Amy V

Best group of people to deal with hands down. Quick, reliable, & professional service. Not to mention their state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology. Competition beware!

Alonzo Jovine

I had a wonderful experience at clean slate. The ONLY reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was that I only had a consultation, not an actual laser treatment. When I go back for my treatment I will update it to 5 stars! While researching tattoo removal online, Mary at Clean Slate very quickly rose to the top of the crowd as being "the best in the business." I looked everywhere and couldn't find a negative review...only glowing recommendations. I looked through all the photos hundreds of times, cross checked websites...I made a free consultation appointment (office staff was almost immediate in their replies to email and was very accommodating to my schedule). I went with a long list of questions as I was very nervous about the whole prospect of the procedure! Mary lived up to every word of her glowing reviews. She was friendly, real, professional, and knowledgeable. It was clear to me that she "knew her stuff" and really took it seriously. She exudes genuine care for each individual and doesn't treat you like a number. Even though I'm sure she was repeating herself for the billionth time in answering my questions, she was patient and willing to take as much time as I needed to make sure all my fears were put to rest. She uses her own skin as an example and let me see several tattoos she removed herself or is in the process of, which I appreciated--pictures are great, but so much more reassuring to see the real thing in front of you! She clearly has a stellar reputation in the business (I had previously consulted with another tattoo removal place much closer to my home, and all I said to them was that I had a consultation appointment in White Plains, and they immediately said, "are you going to Clean Slate?). My impression is that she is excellent at what she does and she knows it, but she does not let it go to her head. I'm ok with that--I WANT the person who works on me to know that they are good! I also really appreciated her honesty to the point of recommending that I WAIT to start the removal process due to some specific temporary medical reasons I have. She is not in it "for the money", she is in it to help people. Even though I am anxious to get started and I would have done a treatment that day if I could have, I trust her recommendation to wait, and I am eagerly looking forward to when I can make that appointment!

Rhapsody Jordan-Parisi

Mary is wonderful her staff kind and helpful. I love your style Mary! I'll always come to you when I need you again and I've already raved about you to my coworkers who may also come to you in the future.. Thanks again for great bedside manner which is always a pleasure for me 🙂 reminds of how things used to be out in the business world......

Tina McCallop

Amazing ! It wasn't as painful as I heard.

Diane White

Marry is awesome! Best laser tec I ever had. Deff goin back for more treatments

Michael Paterek

Mary and team are fantastic to work with - pleasant, professional, and straightforward. They don't try to lock you in with an expensive package of treatments or feed you unrealistic expectations. Mary has amassed much knowledge and experience in the tattoo / tattoo removal industry, and she uses that insight to recommend a sensible approach to your removal process - resulting in less pain / money spent on fewer treatments spread out over a longer period of time. I had my first removal session one week ago and everything seems to be going smoothly (quick, not terribly painful - but much of that depends on the size / location of the treatment area - and some minor blistering over the first few days). I plan to follow up in 3+ months for round two. Definitely recommend.

Katie C.

Mary is very friendly and professional. Answered all my questions and was finished with the entire process in no time.. I will 100 percent recommend her to anyone looking to get this done

Walter Pavlov

Quick. Clean. Professional. Very comfortable experience. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Frankie Rosario

Had my first laser tattoo removal here , clean place , loved the owner , very professional

Shani A.

I can't believe a place exists that really is too good to be true! Mary and the rest of the staff are nothing less than experts who are professionals to the highest extremity. I can't deny that "they are" at the highest echelon of sagacity and perspicacity in this field of laser tattoo removal. Sincerely, M. Durham

Calvin Durham

Clean Slate Laser is the # 1 I definitely recommend to get rid of your tattoo and Mary she is very professional I had my first session today and my tattoo is almost gone and the prices are very affordable, and very happy.

Perico CZ

Awesome couldn't be any happier! Highly Recommend

Chris Monocchi

I had my first session today! Everyone who works here is extremely friendly, including the gentleman at the front desk. Joe was absolutely amazing and professional. He answered all my questions during my consultation. The owner Mary was extremely down to earth, such a doll! This place is CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! Well worth it, i will most definitely be raving about this place to everyone. Can't wait for my next session!!!!

La P.

Mary and her staff are consummate professionals. The office is beautiful, bright and clean. Every time I arrive for an appointment, I'm warmly greeted into the calm and inviting atmosphere that Mary and her staff create. I am overwhelmed by the results that I have seen on two tattoo removals that Mary has treated. One is completely gone and the other is about a treatment away from being a distant memory. I feel lucky to have lived in an area close enough to this facility. If you are on the fence about removing that unwanted tattoo just get it done. You will not regret it. I'm so happy that I took that step and Clean Slate Laser was the right choice.

Don M

Clean Slate is simply the best. I researched a lot of places before choosing Clean Slate and they all wanted to sell me these crazy expensive packages or were just rude when I had questions about the laser process. As soon as I contacted Clean Slate and spoke to Tyler, I was at ease and knew they were the right place. Mary is amazing, she really knows what she's doing and she's not trying to upsell you. She cares about the healing process and waits a long time to schedule another session so that your skin can heal and your immune system can do it's job of breaking down the ink. After two sessions with Picosure, my tattoo has faded considerably. The laser is not even that painful, what personally bothers me the most is the itching afterwards, but it's totally worth it when you start seeing results! If you're considering laser tattoo removal, look no further and let Mary and her team take care of you!

Lucila B

For SURE Mary is THE person who KNOWS her business! I am so leased with how my tattoos are fading, the treatment is not as painful as most people make you think it will be, It hurts but certainly less than getting the tattoo itself in my personal opinion.
I was informed by Mary I might swell up I might blister or scab and that this is normal, and having talked to people who have had laser removals before from other establishments, they confirmed this. To my surprise, I had NONE of this, Mary's after care program and healing guide is thorough, easy to understand, and explains everything you need to take care of your newly lasered skin.
I can't thank Mary and her care team enough, the staff is super friendly and helpful. Truly, I'd recommend clean slate to anyone looking for lightening, removal, or ANY other service provided by Clean Slate. Truly OUTSTANDING company!
Your noticing this notice has been noticed.
Thanks for noticing.

Thomas Dagostino

I just want to say this about Mary, Tyler and the whole team, I went yesterday for the consultation and spot check. I was very at ease and I left well informed and satisfied and booked my first appointment. I am confident in there knowledge and the outcome. Very professional nothing underlying, clean office and more than real accommodating people!

I would recommend them for these services if your in the market for the removal other places have hidden agendas they are honest and straightforward in there expectations.


Gia R

I am so thankful to Clean Slate for their knowledge and professionalism. Joe was phenomenal. Our consultation was informative and I decided to go ahead with the laser removal right then. They set me up and I was out in less than five minutes. They were efficient, friendly and the process was relatively painless. The thing that I really loved was that I didn't feel any pressure, I also appreciated that Joe has experience with tattoos and the removal procedure, so I knew he was speaking from personal experience. I was also impressed with the office itself. I would absolutely recommend this place and Joe specifically for his kindness and expertise!

Taylor B

Thank you for your services! I love your work attire and atmosphere ♥

Orquidia Rodriguez

You can't go wrong with Clean Slate. Professionalism is just where it starts. Mary is a wealth of knowledge who explains every part of the process from the beginning, to healing and aftercare. Mary is a laid back kind of girl who makes you feel totally comfortable. I appreciate her honesty when it comes to how often you should wait in between visits so you do not have residual scarring like I have seen from other practitioners and so the body can completely heal. They take what they do seriously, you will not be sorry if you chose them for your needs.

Melissa S.

Mary and her team are absolutely awesome. She is knowledgeable, professional and does a great job letting you know what to expect. The office is very clean. I would really recommend Mary to anyone looking for professional tattoo removal.

Nadine R.

Mary and her staff are very courtious and very profesional.. very clean atmosphere, i will def recommend

Sal Ruiz

Had a Great experience at Clean Slate this morning. The staff was extremely friendly and made the whole process very quick and smooth. Office is very clean. The process is quick depending on the size of your removal and it does not hurt nearly as much as some people say. Joe did my removal using the Picosure laser and explained everything up front without any pressure to go ahead with the procedure. I would highly recommend them if your considering a tattoo removal.

Frederick Knee

Mary and her staff at Clean Slate are all amazing. Its. Super clean, modern, comfortable office and she is an expert at what she does! I've had a few sessions and found her in the first place because she was recommended to me by - my Dermatogist! Can't recommend highly enough.

M M.

I drive about an hour and a half to get to Mary & the team at Clean Slate Laser because they really are the best! I've already made some mistakes on my body and I'm not going to do that again with the removal!!

Price is amazing.
Clean & professional office.
Friendly knowledge staff that will put you at ease.

Danielle D.

Had a Great experience at Clean Slate this morning. The staff was extremely friendly and made the whole process very quick and smooth. Office is very clean. The process is quick depending on the size of your removal and it does not hurt nearly as much as some people say. Joe did my removal using the Picosure laser and explained everything up front without any pressure to go ahead with the procedure. I would highly recommend them if your considering a tattoo removal.

Fred K

Mary is just simply amazing. She is honest and gives realistic expectations. Her staff is friendly and everyone is a professional. I was referred to a Clean Slate by a tattoo removal guy in England, that should say something in itself! I can't wait to finish this one and start on the next! You can't go wrong picking them for your removal needs.

Melissa Smith

Clean slate laser staff is great and professional. The office is very clean and presentable.

John Veloso

Mary is the absolute BEST!!!! She makes a painful process easy. No one enjoys getting a tattoo removed but Mary and her staff do their best to ease your mind and take it in steps to assure the most comfortable experience one could have during this process. I wouldn't go anywhere else EVER!!!!

Now, its even easier with her 4 locations...FOUR!!!!! That says a lot about how amazing the Clean Slate Laser staff are with their business. You can NOT go wrong trusting this team of people with your tattoo removal needs!

Cheers to many more locations and many more years of success and changing peoples lives! I know they certainly have changed mine for the better! I couldn't be happier. I can wear a bathing suit again with confidence, and that my friends is PRICELESS!

Thanks again Mary! YOU ROCK!!!!!! 😀


Shauna (a very pleased customer)

Shauna G

I'm currently sitting in my car post laser removal procedure. I was so pleased about my procedure I had to write a review before driving home! I drove an hour worried on my way down if I'm making the right choice and if the commute was worth it. I walked in and was immediately welcomed and my worries were gone. All the women who were working today were so sweet and took great care of me. I was well educated before and after my treatment. Honestly, I'm so glad I came here and would suggest to anyone. Thank you!!!!

Summer R

Clean Slate, great experience! Had the sculpture, owner Mary and staff highly professional, while putting you at ease. Office is pristine. Highly recommend.

Diane S

Went in for a consultation after careful research. Was so impressed and comfortable that I started my treatment right away.

Dee McChain

I have been going to see Mary at Clean Slate for around a year now to work on a couple of tattoos. I live in CT and make the drive down to White Plains to see her every few months because she really is that good!

She is knowledgeable, offers honest and realistic expectations and is much more affordable than anywhere else I found. I have recommended her to a few of my friends and would to anyone looking for quality, affordable laser tattoo removal.

Caitlin S

Mary was totally down to earth straight forward and very professional.

Liz M.

Mary is awesome! Staff is awesome! Professional environment! Easy to make appointments! I've had 3 sessions so far and I'm amazed with the results. Highly recommended.

Aleks Arn

Awesome friendly environment. Well informed staff and procedure was quite painless at least from what I was expecting. My terrible tattoo is almost gone in one shot. Very happy with my decision going there. Mary was very down to earth straight forward and professional. Hopefully one more appointment or so and we can finish crushing this tattoos soul

Christie Leigh Frazier

Staff is amazingly friendly and makes you feel at home! (Tyler is Awesome!) �
Waiting time is minimal � (I love that)
Consultation with Mary was to the point from start to finish! �
I highly recommend Clean State Laser to any of my friends that need to get rid of unwanted ink! �

Jai A. Brown

Mary is the best! Not only totally professional and trustworthy, but also super considerate and good humored. Love her!

Kirsten Kay Thoen

Went for my first visit about 2 years ago to start removing several pieces done many moons ago. First treatment removed more than I thought it would and unfortunately life happens haven't had the time to visit again. The experience with clean slate was very professional and straight forward. I will be going back to continue removal.

Miguel Nin

Removing a full sleeve + shoulder + chest piece here. Recently went in for my first session and this place is AWESOME. Can't wait to finish my sessions!

Claude VanDamme

Everyone is so nice, they make the experience very comfortable. It didnt hurt anywhere near as much as people say it does and it was over in 2 minutes. Definitely worth the trip from CT.

Diana Brown

Mary is seriously amazing. She is very professional and doesn't screw you over by making you buy a package of sessions. I highly recommend her to anyone who's considering tattoo removal.

Allie Punch

Mary is seriously amazing! She is very professional and doesn't screw you over by making you buy a package of sessions. Everyone at Clean Slate is awesome and they do their very best to help keep you calm. I just finished my first session and yes it hurts! But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... it definitely hurts worse after. I highly recommend this place to anyone who's considering tattoo removal.

Allie P.

I had the hydra facial and it was amazing! My skin is glowing and I look 10 years younger!

Judith S

Been working with Mary for over a year now removing 2 tattoos. She's amazing at what she does and her light hearted personality makes the sessions fun in spite of the actually procedure.

Tim van der Have

I have a pretty damn large tattoo that I was supposed to remove at another location, but after a very unprofessional and terrible experience, I found Clean Slate.

I live in Manhattan and the trip to White Plains honestly sucks, but I'll be honest.. it is damn worth it.

Tyler and Mary treat their customers like gold! Mary explains the process seamlessly. Tattoo removal does hurt and isn't fun, but Mary does make the process less painful. The price is also much less than what the other location quoted me.

I highly recommend Clean Slate over any other place in New York!

Zwei I.

Great place. The owner is very friendly and professional.

Ivette Smith

I would just like to thank Mary and her staff on a great experience that was provided to me just a few days ago. I had some gray clouding removed around my upper arm area that my artist thought was great looking and I unfortunately hated. I found Clean Slate on line and looked at the Yelp reviews and decided to schedule a consultation, and boy am I glad I did! I kid you not but this session was no more than 7 minutes long and the PICO LASER is surely an amazing wonder of technology when it literally and completely removed the inc used to shade my tat.
This place is soooo worth the money even tho they are not cheep I would use them again in a heart beat and would and am recommending them to people that may seek such service. And Mary is just a cool down to earth girl that knows her s..t.
Thanks guys once more

Christian T

I visited Mary this past Monday to have a 12 year old tribal tramp stamp lasered for the first time. its safe to say although i have many tattoos that took many painful hours i was scared shitless of the laser process. Everyone i had talk to told me it hurt way more then a tattoo. Finally i grew enough courage to just do it and I'm here to say it was NOT THAT BAD!!! Maybe its Mary's knowledge and experience with the machine and process but either way i went in terrified and skeptical and left laughing and very optimistic of the results to come. its been 5 days now and i am amazed to already see results in my heavy black and colored tattoo. Mary knows her shit and if you are considering any tattoo removal you should look no where else but Clean Slate Laser.

Gineann Creaney

Mary is professional and amazing at what she does .. I haven't gone back yet for my tattoo removal and it's been awhile .. With just one treatment part of my tattoo is gone .. Going to go back for my second after vacation! Love it there !

Dana P.

Upfront and honest business owner. Mary provides exceptional service. My treatment went exactly as planned and the results exceeded my expectations. Because of this I was able cover up a really bad tattoo with amazing results.

Michael D.

Mary and her crew at Clean Slate are not only very good at what they do, they're incredibly friendly and put you totally at ease. I hope I never have to get a tat removed again, but if I do they'll be where I go.

Adam E.

Mary and her staff are very professional and courteous ( so hard to find these days.)
It was a quick and painless procedure, can't wait to go back for my second session.

Damon T.

I just had my first session with Mary and I am as happy as I hoped I'd be. After a few years and couple other crappy consults, I chose to see her based on Yelp reviews and I'm so relieved that she lived up to the good word. I'm optimistic the results will be just as pleasing as the experience was. I felt very comfortable and informed. She made it as painless as possible and she was easy to chat with during the procedure. No judgement on the awful tattoo I have, since she has had many removed herself. I didn't want to travel in case of another bad experience, so I saw her at the Long Island location. Now that I'm one step closer in the removal process, I wouldn't mind traveling to her other locations. I would recommend to anyone nervous about removal! I can't wait to see the results and go back to Clean Slate in a few months! Thanks so much!

Anna B.

Great. I love you. It's very good.

Parfait Zing

Professional service and lasers are extremely powerful, the staff makes you feel very comfortable and Mary is the best!

Nicki T.

They offer honest affordable and effective service. They are also very nice and take the time to explain everything to you.

Eden G.

Mary and her skilled team have been nothing short of amazing during this process. I'll be going back for other procedures, as well, and expect to continue receiving the 5-star treatment they give me each and every time. Thank you all!

Maeby K.

Friendly, affordable and professional. Very knowledgeable, easy to schedule appointments. Highly recommend.

Elaine O.

Owner and laser removal expert Mary over at Clean Slate Laser Removal, is a master in her field. She knows firsthand, the latest, proper procedures in removing tattoo(s).

Keep in mind, though Clean Slate Laser is located in a multi business building off Mamaroneck Avenue and a lot is available, finding a parking space can get a little tiresome. If you're not so fortunate, drive a few feet, in the residential area, and you'll come across a few parking spaces.

Business tidiness is not neglected in Clean Slate. Nothing is out of place and just smells clean! Inside, you're greeted by the front desk, a waiting area and a flat screen TV.

Before I see her, I have to go home and do anything and everything possible to clear my head and get ready for the piercing pain that's ahead - however I see fit. And then, you're off to see Mary, who takes pride in her field, and, will do everything possible to accommodate you for that solid minute to a minute and a half while you're there squeezing some freaking pressure balls to alleviate the tension. And in a short time, that's it. It's done. Until the next appointment.

Depending on the size of your tattoo, it'll take 2-4, perhaps 5, visits to guarantee a proper removal. Be weary, if you're looking for a cheap laser tattoo removal business, this is not it, move it along. But, if you want the best, you'll settle for her talent and expertise.

Mercedes C

1st time here after using 2 other Tattoo removal places. 1st place was a little expensive but did show results (although i never really knew if they were treating me at 100% & maybe stretching sessions a little bit to make sure i kept coming back). 2nd place was much cheaper but they used a less powerful laser which would definitely have kept me going back for quite some time to get decent results. Clean Slate Laser was the best of both worlds. Only a hair less expensive than my 1st place, but well worth it. Mary took more care and focus on my needs and made sure that i got 100% out of my session. She didn't push me to schedule my 2nd visit right away, but instead told me to wait at least 3 months until i come back (to make sure my body breaks down the ink better). That made me feel comfortable in knowing that she wasn't just out for my money. Definitely gave me more trust in coming back to continue my tattoo removal process. Also, compared to the previous 2 places they had ample parking so i didn't have to worry. They were clean, polite and efficient. I will definitely be going back. -Kevin

Kevin G.

Mary is amazing. She is real, straight forward and honest. She wants you to get the best out of your treatments, with no scarring. She is not in it for dollar signs, but genuinely cares about her clients.

Paul Z.

Im so happy I chose Clean Slate Laser!!! Mary is passionate and very knowledgable on tattoo removal. She definitely put my previous Laser Clinic in Astoria to shame! After my session today, I am truly confident that she will remove a stubborn tattoo that a previous place did not (after 10 sessions and left me scarring). Her office is immaculate as well. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone interested in removing an old or unwanted tattoo!!

Jackie G.

Made a consultation with the Best Of The Best in tattoo removal with Clean Slate. I was a little hesitant to go in. I absolutely loved my tattoo then and I still love it now, but I've had a piece of art on my shoulder and now I want to eliminate it. Don't get me wrong- I love tattoos on other people, but I think I'm at a place now- where it needs to go.

Office is spic and span and polished throughout. I met Mary for a consultation and immediately like her vibe. I don't got time for any double talk and straight up, she gave me no bullsh*t whatsoever.

She broke it down for me as far as payments are concerned. The least and to the most. Quite frankly, the high-ticket is very acceptable. I look forward to her expertise next month and my tattoo to be gone. BUT, I'm definitely not looking forward to the freaking pain.

Mercedes C

Fast. Professional. Clean. Well priced

Nicholas Albano

just had my second appointment with mary and she is AMAZING. really knowledgable, funny and personable. her office is super clean and inviting and i actually look forward to these appointments now. A+++++

Danielle D.

They were professional and very calming. I was certainly nervous for my first session. It been about 8weeks and my tattoos continue to fade. My neck looks unbelievably different. Could not be happier! Oh and the whole removal took less that three minutes for two tattoos!

Amy Elizabeth-Marie Walsh

This place is amazing. Mary knows exactly what she is doing. She took care of me and explained it all. She has been in this business for 10 years and knows more than some doctors who take a course and think they are experts. Her pricing is much better than the bigger doctors offices because they are in Manhattan and their overhead is high. I've met people from as far away as Baltimore who came to Clean Slate Laser because of Mary and her pricing and especially her expertise.

Aaron Beller

Very good

Clara Chavez


Khris V. Cattaneo

Mary is awesome. You feel at ease knowing the head technician has tattoos herself and even undergoes treatment herself to remove/fade her own tattoos. She has the picosure laser as well as the q-switch lasers ready to remove most colors of ink. (The picosure is awesome) I've already seen significant fading after my first and am excited to go through some more treatment to get my cover up. The pain is definitely annoying but its bearable. She could be the best in NY and the most reasonable when it comes to pricing. Definitely worth the trip from Philly!

Richard N.

Great experience. Fast and very friendly

Rafael Pagan Jr.

Awesome three days later still getting lighter and lighter very happy with the results so far highly recommend going here of your thinking about getting a tat removed

Travis Helms

Went in for a consult and she was very professional & knew what she was talking about. I was upset about a new tattoo that didn't go as planned and she was able to get me in that day. She went over the expectations, price & what I was about to endure. I am just now waiting for my first laser appointment. I'm excited to start this process. (They also have several different lasers, plus the new picosure laser!)
The office was nice and up to date and there was ample parking.

Amanda F.

The best

LarrynDanielle Scorzelli

Fantastic experience, she is the best in the area and makes you comfortable as you go through the whole thing. Professional and friendly, this is hands down the best spot to get tattoo's lasered!

Rae Aoi Kami

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