How Tattoo Removal Works

In order to understand how tattoo removal works, it is important to understand how tattoos work and why they’re permanent. When you get a tattoo, the needle places ink particles into your second layer of skin. Your immune system’s white blood cells are tiny compared to the larger ink particles and are unable to remove them out of your body.

(image by Smarter Every Day)

As you can see below, the ink molecules are much larger than your white blood cells. A white blood cell trying to engulf an ink particle would be “like a human trying to take a bite out of an elephant.”

(image by Smarter Every Day)

Clean Slate Laser uses extremely sophisticated lasers to target these large ink molecules and shatter them into tiny particles that are small enough for your immune system to flush away. These lasers are designed to specifically destroy the ink pigments while limiting trauma to the surrounding skin tissue.

(image by Smarter Every Day)

Different lasers and wavelengths are used depending on variables such as ink color and skin type. After a laser session, we wait a minimum of 3 months before re-lasering. That gives your skin time to heal completely and gives your immune system plenty of time to flush out the shattered ink particles. Once everything is healed, we repeat the process until your tattoo is completely gone (or light enough for a desired cover-up).


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