Pre-Cover-Up Lightening

Most of our clients are NOT anti-tattoo. In fact, several are tattoo enthusiasts who want to lighten old tattoos in order to make room for better quality cover ups. Pre-Cover-Up Lightening doesn’t require as many treatments as complete tattoo removal. As few as 1-3 treatments can lighten your tattoo enough to give your artist significantly better options for your new tattoo.

The quality of artwork being done by tattoo artists today is absolutely mind-blowing. Clean Slate Laser will help you clean up your prime real estate so you can upgrade to better work. If you need help finding the right tattoo artists for your cover-up, talk to us. Our staff has been tattooed by some of the best tattoo artists on the planet. We have decades of experience and knowledge regarding different artists who are the best at most tattoo styles out there.


Most old-school coverups required getting a new tattoo that was much bigger and darker. The old tattoo would often show though and even when done well, the new tattoo was usually selected based on its ability to cover…NOT because you liked the image. Unfortunately the end result was usually a new, larger and darker tattoo that you still didn’t love.

Luckily there are now better options. By lasering your tattoo first, you can lighten your tattoo enough to get whatever new tattoo you want.  We will work with your artist lightening whatever areas you need in order to make your new project possible. Below are some examples of how even 1 or 2 laser sessions can lead to much better cover-ups…


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