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There are several different lasers available in the market today. Some work better than others on certain ink colors or skin types, but which one in the best?  The simple answer is, no single laser is the best at EVERYTHING. Treating EVERY ink color and EVERY skin type with the best possible results requires a combination of different lasers and wavelengths.

Clean Slate Laser performs thousands of successful tattoo removal procedures every year.  We study our data and constantly evolve our own proprietary protocols. Our unique approach to removing tattoos consistently provides our clients with better results with fewer sessions and less skin damage compared to the rest of the industry.

We have invested millions of dollars in a variety of lasers which, when combined, enable us to effectively treat most ink and skin types with best possible outcome based on today’s current technology. In 2013 we were one of the first 50 clinics in the United Stated to obtain CynoSure’s groundbreaking PicoSure laser and have continued to stay in the forefront off all industry advancements.


PicoSure™ Laser

Since the 1980’s, Q-switch lasers have been the industry standard for tattoo removal. But in 2013, after more than a decade of development, Cynosure released a groundbreaking new technology called PicoSure™, which has completely revolutionized the tattoo removal industry. It can remove black ink in almost half the number of sessions and is, by far, the most effective laser out for blue, purple and green tattoo inks.

Traditional Q-switch lasers emit energy in nanoseconds (millions of a second). PicoSure emits energy in picoseconds (trillionths of a second) – a thousand times faster than nanoseconds.
This rapid energy pulse obliterates ink molecules into dust like particles, allowing them to be easily flushed out by your body’s natural immune system.

When operated properly, PicoSure treatments can be safer, faster, less painful and more effective than anything available previously.  In 2013, Clean Slate Laser was one of the first 50 providers in the United States to obtain a PicoSure laser. We have become the worldwide leader in PicoSure treatments and Clean Slate’s Owner, Mary Garnett has trained physicians all over the US and Canada in how to get fantastic results from this amazing machine.

Quanta Q-Switch Lasers

As we mentioned earlier, in order to best treat every situation, sometimes a different laser or wavelength is needed. Different skin tones and ink colors require different approaches.  In cases where a Q-Switch laser is the best possible option, Clean Slate Laser uses high end lasers developed by Quanta Aesthetics. These lasers are the industry’s top Q-Switch machines made specifically for tattoo removal.

  • PicoSure – 755ps wavelength laser
  • Quanta Nd:YAG – 1064nm wavelength laser
  • Quanta Nd:YAG – 532nm wavelength laserAccess to all 3-laser wavelengths makes it possible for Clean Slate Laser to remove almost any color ink. This is referred to as “Full Spectrum Tattoo Removal.”


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