Pain Management – Does It Hurt?

Tattoo removal can be painful at times. The good news is, its very fast.  Most tattoos can be lasered in less than 5 minutes.  Still, we want to make those 5 minutes as easy for you as possible. Clean Slate Laser takes every precaution to ensure your comfort.


Cryo Zimmer Skin Numbing for Your Comfort:

Clean Slate Laser uses a sophisticated chiller machine called The Cryo to numb our clients skin during laser tattoo removal treatments. The Cryo is used to minimize the pain that can occur during tattoo removal. It doesn’t eliminate the discomfort completely but it significantly helps to “takes the edge off.”

Free Test Spot:

If you are concerned about the pain level, or are just curious to see what it feels like, Clean Slate Laser offers a free small test spot so you can briefly experience what tattoo removal feels like before you make a decision to do your entire tattoo.  If you’d like to schedule a free test spot, call, email or click the link below.  See you soon!