Clean Slate Laser has 2 different Military Discount Programs:

  • Standard Military Discount – 20% discount on any Clean Slate Laser services, for members of any major military branch, either active or retired
  • Military Tattoo Regulation Program – If your tattoo violates one of the military regulations and it is interfering with your enlistment, we will significantly discount our laser removal services specifically for the tattoo causing the problem. Have your recruiting officer contact us at 914-949-7943 to discuss details. We will work closely with you and your recruiter to document progress while working towards getting you compliant.

Below are links to current tattoo policies for various branches of the US Military:


Clean Slate co-founder, Jeff Garnett’s Father, Gordon Garnett, was a WWII Veteran who fought bravely for our country in the South Pacific, including campaigns in Guadalcanal, Green Island and Bougainville.


Thank You For All that You DO!




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