Erase Cancer – Free Removal of Radiation Tattoos for Cancer Survivors

For the 7th consecutive year, Clean Slate Laser, a NY/NJ based tattoo removal chain, is offering free removal of radiation tattoos to cancer survivors.

During cancer radiation treatments, it is common for physicians to tattoo small dots on a patient’s body to pinpoint where they have been treated. These are just like any other tattoos, lasting the individual’s entire life unless removed. The “” free service was the idea of Clean Slate Laser founder, Mary Garnett, who is the daughter of a breast cancer survivor.

“We are thrilled to offer this free service to people who’ve already been through so much. Most of us have watched people who we care about struggle with the physical and emotional pain of cancer. This is our small way of giving back to the cause.”  – Mary Garnett

Some survivors view these radiation tattoos as as a badge of honor, however, others find them to be a daily reminder of an excruciating time in their lives that they’d rather forget.

If you or a loved one has radiation tattoos that you’d like us to remove, please first speak with your Oncologist to obtain clearance.  Although Clean Slate Laser heavily promotes this program in October with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the remains an ongoing program and free service all year long.

Clean Slate Laser has laser centers in White Plains, Manhattan, Huntington Long Island, Staten Island and Wayne NJ.  To learn more, visit

Fresh Start


Fresh Start is is a NY State not-for-profit organization that provides free or significantly discounted tattoo removal services to reformed ex-gang members and victims of human trafficking.  Visible gang tattoos have proven to interfere with rehabilitation.  For ex-gang members, old tattoos can get in the way of legitimate employment opportunities and can even put their lives in danger if seen by other gang members. For victims of forced human trafficking, old “property tattoos” can be a painful daily reminder of an extremely traumatic time in their lives.

Clean Slate Laser donates free or significantly discounted tattoo removal services to people who qualify through the Fresh Start application process.

If you are an en ex-gang member or victim of human trafficking interested in this program, please contact Dr. Dave Ores, Founder & Director of the Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Project: