Different Skin Colors & Ethnicities

Skin color, ethnicity and sensitivity to the sun are all important factors when deciding which laser, wavelength and technique to use for tattoo removal. If the wrong wavelength is used on darker skin, it can result in a form of scarring called hyper-pigmentation.  This means there is a white “ghost image” left where the tattoo used to be.


Example of hyper-pigmentation.  A form of scaring where the actual skin pigment is removed along with the tattoo ink

Clean Slate Laser has a long track record of successful tattoo removal proceedures on medium to dark skin without scarring or hypopigmentation.


Clean Slate Laser has the technology and experience necessary to treat all skin colors. We have a variety of different lasers including wavelengths of 1064, 755 and 532. This allows us to treat a variety of skin types and ink colors without damaging the surrounding pigment.  We use a medical analysis tool known as a Fitzpatrick Scale to identify your skin type and sensitivity to light.  If we are unsure of how your skin will react to a specific wavelength, we will laser a tiny test spot to see how your skin reacts before continuing on the rest of your tattoo.  Our experience based, but conservative approach to tattoo removal has enabled us to remove countless tattoos from darker skinned clients without scarring or hyper-pigmentation.

Tattoo removal lasers are designed to be attracted to pigment/melanin. Occasionally the laser can not make the distinction between the ink of a tattoo and the melanin in the skin.  The bottom line is, make sure you go to someone with tattoo removal experience with medium to dark skin.  If you are not sure… DO A TEST SPOT!




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